Our Expertise

"Zero" Surprise Commitment

We at Binaryfolks fully understand that unfortunately one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore there is a huge gap between what is client’s exact requirement and what a typical cookie-cutter company delivers.
To bridge that gap we allocate dedicated solution architect to your project, who will talk to you in details to capture your actual requirement and transform that into a “Scope Of Work” (SOW) document. Then once both you and us agree on that common document, we deliver every commitment made on that SOW document.
In this way we eliminate any last minute surprises as both “Our Valued Client” and “We” know exactly what is the outcome of the project.

Communication - The Key

We understand that when you rely on us to deliver your most important project you are a bit anxious about how your project is progressing. To address this important issue we provide you with regular updates on the progress of the project. This update is delivered with online audio/video sessions, whiteboarding, and recorded screencast or simply over email as per customer choice.
    Also we are fully aware about the difference in time zones between our valued clients and us. So we go to that extra mile to be available even at odd hours to attend those project status update meetings and delivery meetings.

Satisfaction - The Last Word

Whatever we do, at the end of the day if our clients are not satisfied, that’s our defeat. So all our processes are carefully evaluated and structured in a way to keep client’s convenience and satisfaction in mind.

So if at any stage of the project you face any problem, please just talk to us. We will do anything reasonably possible to ensure your satisfaction because a satisfied customer is our most valuable asset.
We want to left such an impression that you wonder why didn’t you find us earlier and feel confident to refer us to your associates.

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About Us

We are a software development company with specific focus on Web Application Programming and Mobile Application development. We also do Desktop Application Development and Search Engine Optimization. 

Though we are based out of India, our clients are distributed all across the globe and we take great pride in maintaining such client base. We have already worked with clients from Singapore, Canada, USA, UK, Romania, Denmark, Russia, Hong Kong, Israel, Australia and India. Our customers range from individual professionals to small-medium size companies across different industry verticals.

We have a team of really energetic and passionate Web Developers, Designers & Mobile Application Developers. But nerds being nerds we always include a business focused, dynamic and experienced Solution Architect who will be your single point of contact throughout the duration of the project.